The NON-STOP project, managed by GEMBA, will be holding its closing conference on June 15 in Zwolle. NON-STOP, is a €4.7m project co-funded by the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) under the North Sea Region Programme is aimed to implement a green, smart digital transition in the management of North Sea Region’s ports of regional importance.

With Small and Medium-sized Ports (SMP) in the North Sea Region working in an ever more complex and rapidly changing world, a smart modernization and eco-innovative approach in port management has become key to cope with the multifaceted challenges of today and move towards a more advanced, environmentally friendly future.

NON-STOP’s goal was to introduce, test and monitor intelligent technologies and processes in the storage, deployment, sharing and transmission of data related to marine conditions, sea/landside operations, and energy production, consumption, and distribution in ports. The project’s ultimate aim was to reduce pre-defined logistical/maintenance port operations time and lower port energy and pollution by 10%, by building on collaborative expertise and joint practice.

The more efficient, agile and transparent data management among NSR SMP, shipping companies, freight forwarders and other relevant stakeholders will facilitate the ability of ports to effectively serve their clients, meet the targets of the ever-increasing EU/national eco/digital policies, and invest in further needed innovation.

As the project manager for NON-STOP, GEMBA is proud to have led this relevant and interesting project towards a more sustainable future for the maritime industry. You can read more about NON-Stop and the project achievements at: