GEMBA is proud to have been selected as project manager for the Interreg North Sea project REDII Ports. As project managers, we will be working closely with the Port of Skagen, who is the lead partner for the project.

The goal of the REDII Ports project is to develop and integrate small-scale renewable energy solutions, such as wind, solar, and heat, into port environments. Rising energy prices and the need to become climate-neutral by 2035 have made it necessary to explore small-scale solutions that can offer maximum generation capacity for green energy in ports.

During the project, potential renewable energy solutions will be identified based on a potential study, and the most promising solutions will be tested in a test field for two years. Customers in the ports of NPorts will also be involved in the project, receiving results from the study and field tests. Additionally, the project will be supported by a cluster of resource competence, providing expert advice and guidance.

At GEMBA, we are excited to be a part of this innovative project and look forward to working with the Port of Skagen and other partners to achieve the project’s goals. Stay tuned for updates on the progress of REDII Ports!

You can find more information about REDII Ports at the project webpage: 


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